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  1. My friend Fae and I just bought a house each in Mogilino. I’ve only discovered your blog this minute. I hope hope hope we run into each other there. From a glance I’m assuming you are in Mogilino?

    1. Mogilino is a very nice village with a few expats, both full and part time and some bulgarians that speak good English which helps when your settling in.
      If you want to email me please do and I’ll be happy to tell you what I can about the area etc. Now I’m being nosey but do you mind me asking which agent you bought from? You don’t have to say if you don’t want to of course. 😊

  2. I haven’t seen my house yet. Fae and the estate agent are touring my property on June 21st. I’ll know more after that. I hope to spend more time there summer 2019. I have never owned a house before.

  3. Do you know Zak? Svetlana is the agent for my house. Zak initial contact. Fae found Zak, so I used him to find a house near her. The agent for her house is different from mine. I’m not experienced on how blogs work. Is your email around here somewhere? I looked at my contract but am not able to decipher location. I have 3 plots of land with the house. 1 is the yard. I’m so excited. I’m a ‘lifelong single’ 58 year old cat lady.

    1. My email is kaold14@gmail.com. perfect, another cat lady!! Well, Bulgaria is the place for animal lovers. It can be a bit difficult and I think we’ve all had to toughen up a bit but animal welfare is improving. Slowly, but in the right direction.
      I do know Zack but not Svetlana. He deals with lots of different agents here.
      It is a grand adventure for sure! You may find the pictures you have seen of your house are not recent and so it can be a bit of a shock when you first see the house but don’t worry, it’ll all be fixable. Just take your time and make it the way you want!!
      I’m excited for you too! There are some very nice people in the village. We have just one shop and it’s not great but better than none at all. The internet is fast and reliable. Do message me if I can help in any way at all.

      1. My house is the overgrown with nettles hobbit haven at the edge of town next to the librarian. Do you know how to deal with nettles? I’m more excited about yard work than house renovations. What fruit and nut trees love our village dirt and climate? Is there a nursery nearby to buy these trees. I have fig and walnut.

      2. Excellent! Yes, nettles are a problem! You probably don’t want to spray and to be honest whatever it says on the tin it never seems to be more than a temporary solution. Cutting down then smothering with mulch seems to work best, and encouraging other plants in their place.
        Apples, pears, plums, quince, peaches and apricots all grow well as do hazels. I know of one house that also has almonds doing well.
        Fruit trees of all kinds can be bought at all the markets in spring and fall.
        We have a new librarian so I’m not sure which house is hers.
        Will you be visiting any time soon?

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