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A pantry busting selection of flavoursome treats can be conjured up from the recipes in this book – everything from pickles and chutneys to jams, jellies and conserves. For those new to preserving all the basic techniques of water bath canning, pressure canning, jam making and dehydrating are also covered.

Canning, Jamming, Pickling and Preserving is also available as an instantly downloadable PDF (£2.50)   *here*


Nothing tastes better than homegrown produce and there’s nowhere better to grow it than your own back garden. Whether you’re interested in a small patch of gourmet asparagus and strawberries, a few eggs to make your own omelettes or full-scale self-sufficiency, this guide contains the traditional, tried-and-tested skills that turn dreams into reality. This book comes complete with ideas for how to lay out your small scale farm.

Available at Amazon £5.50

The Cookbook is a diverse collection of recipes collated with the needs of Expats in Bulgaria in mind. As well as traditional Bulgarian fare you’ll find a generous sprinkling of world cuisine. However, regardless of their country of origin these are tasty, exciting and, by and large, economical recipes that you will want to use time and again.


Available at Amazon £5.50

A collection of mouth watering recipes from around the world, that just happen to be meat free!  Bits and Bob Chorba is also available as an instantly downloadable PDF (£2.50) *here*



Available at Amazon £6.50

We all have special Christmas recipes that keep our family traditions alive but it’s nice to add to them from time to time. A Christmas Cookbook is brimming with inspiration for spicing up your holiday menu, gleaned from kitchens from all around Europe.


Hard-cover £15.99

Mr Strawbridge may have Escaped to the Chateau but I’m sure he is still in touch with his self sufficient ways! This book is brimming with practical information for homesteaders or anyone wanting a different way of living.

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